Cities are melting pots of people from all walks of life. With each person's opinion coloured by their different experiences. Different perspectives. Different backgrounds. Different cultures.
Brexit threatens to water down the very thing that makes the city so inspiring to live in. This is a self-initiated project to recognise the individuals that make up London's rich cultural diversity. 
I chose a limited primary colour palette to spark a feeling of optimism and positivity. I wanted to emphasize the colourful mix of everyone from everywhere that I've loved since the day I moved to London 20 years ago. It's one of the key things I'll miss since Brexit sparked my leaving London for the Netherlands.
Celebrate diversity. It's an opportunity to learn from one another and gain insights into worlds that differ from our own.
The character details are minimal. And as none of the characters interact with one another, I skipped the sketching step in my workflow where I figure out the composition and moved straight into the final linework.

Process timelapse

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