"It's as easy as riding a bike." I didn't learn to ride a bike until last year when I moved to Amsterdam, so for me, it's anything but easy! But to the Dutch, cycling is second nature. 
Self-initiated project to capture how comfortable Dutch cyclists are as they go about their day, whatever the weather.
​​​​​​​The first thing I noticed when I moved to Amsterdam was how kids stand on the back of a bike while someone else cycles. And it looks as natural as if they were standing on the pavement. 
I wanted to capture this casual ease. But not being much of a cyclist myself, it took a few iterations to get the posture feeling 'right' while sketching.
I moved to the Netherlands in autumn when it's windy and starting to get a little 'fresh'. I chose a colour palette that reminded me of this - pastels and purples.

Step-by-step process from initial rough sketches, to linework, through to final colour in Procreate

Process timelapse

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