Business leaders with. a growth mindset cultivate a collaborative, supportive work culture
I read Carol Dweck's book 'Mindset: The new psychology of success' many moons ago. It showed me how — by consciously adjusting my perspective — I can positively affect my response to a situation. Looking through the lens of a growth mindset helps me recognise opportunities in challenges, and makes me more open to trying new things. 
When I read Lifehack's article about 'How to develop a growth mindset for business growth', I wanted to tell the story of how a business leader's growth mindset can have a positive impact on teams in the workplace, rather than seeing it from an individual standpoint.
Concept sketch
Concept sketch
Refined vector line art
Refined vector line art
Self-initiated project to show how a growth mindset in business leaders encourages collaboration, promotes learning and empowers their employees.
Testing different colour palettes.
I like to experiment with different colour blends to create happy accidents outside of my usual colour choices.
The illustration concept centres around the areas business leaders can cultivate in their organisation to promote a supportive and positive working environment - collaboration, continuous learning, and leading by example.
I wanted the vibrant, saturated colour choice to stand out from traditional corporate colour palettes and reflect the positive change a growth mindset can bring to a company.

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